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Commercial Spa Bromine Dosing System
Commercial Spa Bromine Dosing System
Commercial Spa Bromine Dosing System

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Commercial Spa Bromine Dosing System

Board mounted system for commercial spas for dosing bromine, acid and alkali. Bromine tablets are dosed via an erosion feeder, acid and alkali solutions are pump dosed from holding tanks. The wall mounted dosing board comes supplied with a splashguard for operator safety.

A floor mounted bromine feeder, two solenoid dosing pumps (5 litres/hour @ 5 bar) for acid and alkali, pressure relief valves for the dosing pumps.

Twin parameter controller designed to simultaneously measure, regulate and control pH and Redox (ORP)  Digital display readout, set point,  single point calibration, independent adjustment,  multi 4-20ma output, RS422 serial port, alarms outputs, input for flow switch, password protected, MML memory card slot for built in data recording.



Accessories Included: Redox, pH and temperature probes in holder, 2 x 50 ltr tank and bund sets, plus safety labels, injection valves, buffer solutions, tubing, saddle clamps, hand transfer pump, P.P.E (gauntlet gloves, chemical resistant goggles and full face respirator).

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